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Oregano belongs to the Labiatae family like spearmint and rosemary; it is native to Mediterranean countries. It grows wild in dry places, even on mountains. It is cultivated as an aromatic plant and for therapeutic use. It is harvested two or three times a year during summer. The most common varieties – the Origanum vulgare and Origanum onites – are widespread in Turkey...

Orion Ingredients


Thyme belongs to the Labiatae family like marjoram and basil: it is native to western Mediterranean region. It grows in mountain areas of Turkey. Its leaves are small, elliptically shaped, green. Its flowers are pink or whitish. Its color may vary, darker or paler, depending on the soil and climatic conditions, and may have a slightly different flavor...

Orion Ingredients


Sage belongs to the Labiatae family like oregano and grows wild in Mediterranean countries and southern Europe; it is often cultivated for its use as aromatic herb, but also for therapeutic purposes.
 Now the world’s largest producer is Turkey, with wide cultivations...

Orion Ingredients

Laurel Leaves

Bay belongs to the Lauraceae family and it is native to Asia Minor. It grows wild and mainly cultivated in Turkey. In addition to its use as an aromatic plant, laurel is well appreciated as an ornamental plant, either bush or tree shaped. Our offer includes: whole leaf, bay leaf and powder...

Orion Ingredients


Rosemary, like salvia officinalis belongs to the Labiatae family, is native to Mediterranean countries and grows wild in Turkey. Rosemary is cultivated either as an aromatic plant or as an essence plant...

Our offer includes:

first quality rosemary leaf and rosemary powder.

Cut 4-8 mm Whole leaves