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Sage belongs to the Labiatae family like oregano and grows wild in Mediterranean countries and southern Europe; it is often cultivated for its use as aromatic herb, but also for therapeutic purposes.
 Now the world’s largest producer is Turkey, with wide cultivations.

Our offer includes:
Whole leaves sage, salvia, sage powder, originally from Turkey.

Sage has two different types known as salvia officinalis and salvia triloba. There are five different types produced which are:
Sage Triloba
Sage pure with minimum 2,2% svo
Sage super quality with minimum 1,8%-1,9% svo
Sage first quality with minimum 1,5% svo
Sage second quality with minimum 1%-1,2% svo

Sage leaves require particular temperature, humidity/moisture and ventilation conditions. Excessively high temperatures may lead to drying-out of the leaves, which results in brittleness or fragmentation damage. Therefore the favorable travel temperature range used in production is 8 - 25°C.

Sage is exported in fines and rubbed forms according to customer request.

The packaging is usually in 10kg. (preferred in Europe) or 20lb. Kraft bags (preferred in USA) but can be also modified according to customer requirements.